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AND WANDER x Polartec®

Partner Product Release


Japanese brand and wander uses haute-couture background to create the ultimate outdoor collection

With a design background from global fashion brand ISSEY MIYAKE, it was only a matter of time before outdoor loving designers Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori launched their own outdoor brand. AND WANDER creates quality apparel using performance fabrics for a fashion inspired silhouette on the mountains.

The latest collection comprises three pieces: Power Air Dress, Power Air Jacket and Power Air Pullover. As the name implies, all three garments use Polartec® Power Air™ fabric. An award-winning fabric, its revolutionary knit construction encapsulates fibres in a series of pockets. The fibres within these pockets trap air, retaining warmth and reducing microfibre shedding. In fact, in tests, Power Air sheds more than five times fewer fibres than other, premium mid-layer fabrics. All Polartec Power Air fabrics are made with at least 50% recycled PET plastic.

Fusing fashion and performance is what AND WANDER’s all about. By working with established, technical brands like Polartec, they are bringing to market technical outdoor gear that’s fashionable.