April 01, 2021
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Snow Peak's answer to sustainability:<br />Durability via quality material and good workmanship

Japanese brand, Snow Peak, was born on the west coast of Honshu Island in the city of Niigata. It was founded by mountaineer Yukio Yamai, in 1958. Famous for its mountaineering equipment and later, camping equipment, it added apparel to its portfolio in 2014 under the stewardship of granddaughter Lisa Yamai.

This spring/summer Snow Peak will be launching its innovative "Flexible Insulated" line using recycled Polartec® Alpha®. From pet coats to insulated cardigans and pants, these are technical pieces with a truly lifestyle edge. Polartec Alpha is famed for its popularity with the US Special Forces. In fact, it was the military that set the brief that brought the technology about. A knit synthetic insulation, it’s incredibly versatile delivering on-the-go breathable warmth and eliminating the need for to continually shed layers. Snow Peak’s Flexible Insulated Cardigan is lightweight, water repellent and stretchy. With the temperature regulation qualities of Polartec Alpha, this piece is great for layering. Designed in Japan, the limited-edition Flexible Insulated is a temperature-controlled layer with its wind and waterproof outer is great for use at home or in camp. Other pieces in the "Flexible Insulated Range" include Pants, Pullover, Vest and Dog Blanket.

Initially known solely in the backpacking industry for ultralight titanium products, today Snow Peak has expanded into the USA and offers quality products for car camping, home and lifestyle wear. It doesn’t plan to stop there either. In the future Snow Peak USA is planning innovative new retail spaces, a restaurant and campground to promote restorative outdoor experiences, alleviating the stress of modern life.

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