February 02, 2021
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How using the latest technology can make brilliantly designed, simple looking pieces extraordinary

Stone Island, the Italian sportswear brand established in 1982, is using state-of-the-art Polartec fabrics in its product line due for launch this Spring/Summer 2021. Stone Island combines elements from the study of uniforms and work clothes with urban wear in its collections which has acquired a worldwide cult following.

Famed for its research, experimentation and in-house lab, Stone Island produces a range of military inspired pieces with a technical punch. As they say, “the function of the garment is never just aesthetic.” To this end the brand is adding two new styles to its incredibly popular range, using Polartec® Alpha®. The Bomber and Hooded Jacket feature a Polartec® Alpha® lining. Originally designed for the US Special Forces to work with the stop-go activities of combat, Alpha uses lofted fibers which are connected to a solid mesh core. The stability of this fabric eliminates the migration of fibers through a garment’s outer and has enabled Stone Island to use a fine denier yarn - “Skin Touch Nylon-TC” - on the garments’ outer. The use of this lightweight, high-performance, microfiber along with the addition of an anti-drop agent released during the dyeing process, and Alpha inside results in functional, aesthetically “clean” pieces that deliver on-the-go warmth through air exchange technology. In other words, you don’t need to keep shedding layers as your activity levels vary because Alpha is working hard with the outer to keep your climate just right.

If you like the functionality of Alpha®, then Stone Island’s Liner jacket could be for you. Good looking enough to be used as a stand-alone piece, it also functions as a liner. It uses exceptionally light and ultra-stretchy fabric in its outer and Polartec® Alpha® inside making it a great go-to piece on its own or when your chosen outfit needs a temperature boost.

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