August 12, 2020
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Sometimes staying dry is the key to staying comfortable. Lingering sweat can make us feel heavy, damp, and clingy. Power Dry® is the premier fabric engineered with superior wicking capabilities that moves moisture and keeps you dry.

Power Dry products come in styles that have the look of cotton, so you can have a casual t-shirt with mechanical wicking technology for the ultimate, go-anywhere, do-anything shirt. Our partners have found creative ways to incorporate Power Dry in their products, from leveraging odor-resistance to realizing extreme camouflage gear. We’ve compiled a list showcasing some of the most masterful uses of our Moisture Management technology on the market. Check out our Featured Fabric article to learn more about Power Dry and how it works.

1 FT Power Dry Tokyo Mountain Running 1080x1080

TMRC - MMA POLARTEC®︎ Power Dry Border Tee

A classic MMA border print T-shirt that brings new scenery to an activity such as trail running. This border tee is supple, soft to the touch, and doesn’t stress after wearing it for a long time. With double sleeves to relieve chafing, and a chest pocket to accent design, this tee can be worn anywhere from the woods to the city.

2 FT Power Dry ORNOT 1080x1080

Ornot Short Sleeve / Long Sleeve Trail Shirt

For those who live and breathe cycling, or not, this is an ultimate do-everything shirt from Ornot. This version of the Power Dry fabric was originally developed for the US Military and built with an odor-resistant tech called X-Static — a reimagining of the same technology used in medical practice for hundreds of years to mitigate bacteria.

3 FT Power Dry Fox Racing 1080x1080

Fox Ranger Power Dry Jersey

The iconic MTB brand has no shortage of jerseys to offer, but the Ranger Power Dry jersey is a true standout. With the Power Dry fabric, this premier jersey has exceptional moisture management capabilities to ensure you stay dry.

4 FT Power Dry Gulch 1080x1080

Gulch Ultralight Long Sleeve Shirt

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Founded by a former Pixar animator and located in Hillsboro, OR, Gulch manufactures ultra-lightweight hunting apparel. This long sleeve shirt is made with an ultralight version of Power Dry — it’s the lightest use of Power Dry on the market and comes in a unique camo pattern. Perfect for when you want the security of a long sleeve without the warmth.

5 FT Power Dry Roark 1080x1080

Roark Well Worn Trail Top / Roark Trail Blazer Long Sleeve Knit

We believe the Well Worn Trail Top from Roark is one of the most versatile Polartec t-shirts on the market. With the appearance of a cotton tee and the function of Power Dry, this top can be an everyday t-shirt, a relaxed tee for a hot day, or a base layer for cold weather activities. Available in a long sleeve as well.

6 FT Power Dry Mammut 1080x1080

Mammut Moench Light T shirt

When the mountain calls, you're ready to answer with the Moench Light T-Shirt. Along with Power Dry’s moisture management, the Mammut® Vertical Motion Technology™ ensures optimized ergonomics for alpine movement sequences. Great for cold weather perspiration as the fabric keeps you dry.

7 FT Power Dry Karrimor 1080x1080

KARRIMOR - boulder PD S/S - Power Dry - 60004OR

A technical shirt fit for bouldering — the length is set so that it does not slide up even when raising the arm, and the waist has a shape cut silhouette that reduces wobbling. Power Dry is sure to keep you lightweight and disperse moisture on your back so that you can climb with ease.

To learn more about Power Dry and how it works, read our Featured Fabric article.

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