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dhb x Polartec

Partner Product Release

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If you plan on training hard, dhb's base layer using Polartec cooling technology could be for you

dhb, the British sportswear brand and Polartec, the premium provider of innovative textile solutions, have joined forces. Together they have created a baselayer engineered to keep cyclists’ personal climate under control in hot temperatures by regulating dry times and allowing better breathability when wet.

How does it work?

dhb’s Aeron LAB Polartec Sleeveless Baselayer uses Delta™ fabric. In a nutshell, this fabric has been designed to harness the cooling properties of sweat without the cling. This specialized knit construction uses both hydrophobic and hydrophilic yarns for more advanced control of moisture dispersal. These hydrophilic yarns sit close to the skin, wicking the sweat to the external, hydrophobic yarns which hold onto sweat just that little bit longer, so, harnessing the body’s own cooling process. These patent-pending radiating knit structures keep you cooler in hot conditions by increasing airflow to dissipate heat. There is no uncomfortable cling, just a cooling effect.

The testimonial

Pro team – Canyon dhb SunGod – have tested dhb’s Aeron LAB Polartec Sleeveless Baselayer during training and it is now their first choice on race day. Matt Bostock, team rider, says “It’s been a game-changer really, a piece of kit I’m wearing whatever the weather as it works as a temperature regulator. I’ve worn it a lot on the turbo, where keeping cool is obviously vital. But I’ve found it to be so versatile that if I layer up on a really cold day, it actually keeps my temperature a lot more stable. It stops me from getting hot on climbs and cold on descents.”

And finally

The dhb Aeron LAB Polartec Sleeveless Baselayer is great for hot, outdoor training, and makes a perfect partner for turbo/indoor training too. Whatever your plans for training this summer, dhb’s Aeron LAB Polartec sleeveless baselayer could be your key to staying the distance. #Dontholdback