August 26, 2021
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Outsiders by Nature

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Starting in 1914 in a tiny farmhouse cabin in Torsång, Dalarna, Sweden, Wiktor Haglöf began crafting backpacks and hardware for mailmen, loggers, and other trades that required quality gear fit to last cold nordic winters. It’s the same mission Haglöfs carries to this day: Enable people to achieve greater possibilities in the harshest conditions. Haglöfs is an authentic brand driven by the unforgiving forces of nature.

Haglöfs has always gone beyond what’s expected from modern outdoor brands. They strive to elevate performance at all levels, continuously on the frontlines of outdoor innovation, always looking to progress past the norm. It’s what makes Haglöfs a perfect Polartec partner. While we look toward releasing a new line of midlayer products for the upcoming season, we look back on our collaborations from the past 30 years when together we popularized the original fleece in Scandinavia.

<br />Masters of the Midlayer

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When you’ve got the Arctic in your backyard, staying warm is just part of the lifestyle. Haglöfs was quick to recognize how fleece could be an important part of Nordic living. And for its quality, the fleece they chose was Polartec. It became even more important as they were developing the layering system so widely recognized today.

Haglöfs was right there with Polartec as we continued to evolve fleece, embracing each new innovation along the way. They adopted Power Stretch fleece for flexibility; Thermal Pro performance fleece for the highest warmth-to-weight ratio; Power Shield for the softshell revolution; Fleece made with recycled PET bottles. Today, they continue to apply the latest Polartec fabrics to a new collection coming for Fall/Winter ‘21.

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<br />Dawn Of A New Era

This upcoming season marks a new chapter in the Polartec and Haglöfs legacy as we get set to release a new line of midlayer products. This brand new collection is engineered for warmth and comfort in cold conditions. It’s reminiscent of our storied history of making premium midlayers, but looks forward to a new era of collaboration that goes beyond what we’ve done before.

“Polartec is a perfect partner for us when it comes to covering — from top to bottom — all different levels of activity. We know there’s so much more we can unlock that ultimately pushes the limits of performance. Polartec is helping us achieve that at the very top level,” said Paul Cosgrove, Global Product Director at Haglöfs.

“We can guarantee that the products we’ve created for FW ‘21 will be of the highest quality, they’ll be sustainable, they’ll deliver durability and more importantly performance comfort. The quality that Polartec delivers, you can’t just get from anywhere else. We trust Polartec to really provide that.”

ROC Series - Mimic Junction Jacket with Polartec® Power Air™

Haglofs FP Blog Mimic Junction

The Mimic Junction Jacket is designed for Nordic mountaineering and sustainable performance. Polartec® Power Air™ fabric’s knit pockets encapsulate greater warmth and shed up to 5x less microfibers.

SNW Series - Touring Mid Jacket with Polartec® Alpha® Direct

Haglofs FP Blog Touring Mid

The Touring Mid Jacket is about versatile performance on the mountain. Polartec® Alpha® Direct is adept at accommodating changes in activity levels, keeping users comfortable without the need to shed layers. The omission of a backing fabric (Direct) enhances its breathability and keeps it lightweight.

SNW Series - Vassi Mid-Hood with Polartec® Power Air™ & Power Stretch®

Haglofs FP Blog Vassi Mid Hood

The Vassi Mid-Hood is a top-quality jacket fit for mountain performance. Polartec® Power Air™ knit construction provides excellent insulation and sheds up to 5x less microfibers for sustainable performance, with Power Stretch® inserts to provide a comfortable range of motion.

Out Series - Astral Hood with Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™

Haglofs FP Blog Astral Hood

The Astral Hood jacket is great for both all-season trekking and sitting around at camp. Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ is extremely comfortable thanks to its generous stretch and excellent breathability.

Just Warming Up…

The FW ‘21 collection is just the beginning for Polartec and Haglöfs. We’re cooking up something special together that exceeds standards at even the highest level of performance… just watch this space come Spring/Summer ‘22.

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