May 18, 2021
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Play the Reel, Avoid the Peel

Building off of our PRO Fleece program, we chose Polartec® Power Grid for our new PRO sun shirts because we wanted to achieve optimal temperature regulation in hotter climates without sacrificing UPF 50+ protection. Through testing, we found that the lightweight Power Grid provided anglers with superior moisture wicking, breathability, and sun protection.”
— Jim Kershaw, Senior Product Designer - Orvis Fish & Hunt

For over 160 years, Orvis has been the go-to gear source for fly-fishing experts and dabblers alike. They're one of the most trusted brands in the business not only for the premium quality of their rods, flies, waders, and all things angling but also for the endless educational content they produce.

Orvis fans know there's no more reliable fount of pro tips on the planet than the Orvis Learning Center and the wealth of books, TV shows, and podcasts written and hosted by the Godfather of the Fly himself, Tom Rosenbauer. Seriously, if I could spend a day on the river with one guy…

The PRO Sun Series

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Just in time for prime dry fly angling and the summer's most epic hatches, we're featuring our freshest warm weather collection with Orvis. The PRO Sun series is an extension of our PRO Fleece collaboration and brand new for spring / summer 2021. Don't wait to make top-of-the-line moisture management and breathability — not to mention the most versatile sun protection on the market — the first catch you bring to hand this season.

The PRO Sun Hoodie (available for men and women) is made with a lighter weight, unbrushed style of Polartec® Power Grid™ to bring breathable sun protection to the hottest days on the river. Power Grid is a bi-component knit that quickly moves sweat moisture off the skin and towards the outer layer where it's dispersed for faster dry times — more on that later. Orvis chose this fabric because it delivers superior thermoregulation while achieving the highest possible UPF 50+ rating for maximum sun protection.

POLR 0723 FP Orvis Blog 2

The same can be said about the PRO Sun Crew, which delivers that lofty UPF 50+ rating without the hood. The athletic fit makes it an ideal layering option in case things cool off once the sun goes down or you catch a chill from those mountain streams. Either way, you'll never want to take your eye off the fly.

Polartec® Power Grid™ — Engineered for Comfort

You may be asking yourself, "Isn't Power Grid a technical fleece? Why would Orvis use a pile fabric in a garment meant for the heat?" Well the answer is quite simple. Functionally and aesthetically, this lighter weight, unbrushed style of Power Grid more closely resembles our Polartec® Power Dry® Moisture Management fabric than the classic Power Grid fleece you're thinking of.

Without the typical napping and shearing processes that make fleece, fleece, the Power Grid style used in the Sun Hoodies and Sun Crew isn't fleece at all. The fabric is actually quite thin and breathable, so it won't trap heat next to the body, but still boasts all the bells and whistles you expect from the Power Grid platform.

Technology Powergrid 2020X1110

So how does it work? Raised areas on the next-to-skin surface of this bi-component knit are arranged in the eponymous grid orientation to create targeted touch points for greater wicking efficiency. The channels formed in the grid's negative space act as air channels for added breathability, while reducing overall fabric mass. Hence a light, breathable, efficiently wicking solution with the added benefit of proven sun protection. Fish on.

Pack Out

We're honored to open a new chapter with one of the most storied brands in the fly-fishing world. If you aren't into fly fishing yet and want to know more, there's no better place to start than the Orvis Learning Center and your local fly shop. We're sure you'll find that once you meet a few old-timers, it'll be hard to get them to stop talking your ear off about everything they know — except for their favorite fishy spots.

Let this be the sign to find a new favorite way to unplug and tune into nature near and far!


As part of our year-long celebration of 30 years partnering with innovative Outdoor brands, we're releasing "music posters" inspired by some of our favorite bands and brands. Here's Orvis — find more on our ​Instagram​!

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