November 20, 2020

Reigning Champ x Polartec


For this month’s featured partner post, we're taking you ringside for our recent collaboration with Reigning Champ. It’s their first full capsule collection made entirely of Polartec fabrics and moves the brand seamlessly from lifestyle to performance kit. The aptly named Advanced Athletic Wear Collection marries performance and style — training staples fit for a champion.

Bringing the collection to life is two-time middleweight champ Triston Brookes. The Canadian phenom's personal story of "true grit, relentless fight, and sheer perseverance, both inside and outside the ring" embodies just the type of athlete in training for whom our fabric was designed.

Let's take a closer look at the garments in Reigning Champ's Advanced Athletic Wear Collection and the fabric technologies that made it possible.

FP Reigning Champ Blog 2 Training Partners

Training Partners

Polartec​®​ Power Wool​™​ t-shirt and long sleeve

Polartec​®​ Power Wool​™​ is easily a contender for our finest fabric. This bi-component knit cleverly maximizes the benefits of both natural and synthetic fibers by putting each precisely where they work most effectively. Next to skin is an odor-resistant Merino wool interior layer that warms and wicks away sweat. On the outside, a smooth yet durable synthetic that continues wicking and holds its form.

Reigning Champ takes advantage of this unique construction of natural and synthetic fibers — like training partners — by pairing them in workout shirts designed to stay warm and loose, even in cold-weather workouts.

FP Reigning Champ Blog 3 Old One Two

Give Sweat the Old One-Two

Polartec​®​ Power Dry​™​ t-shirt and long sleeve

There’s no two ways about it — training in and out of the ring is hot, sweaty business. Polartec​® Power Dry​™​ is ideal for high-intensity training where dry times and wicking moisture are the primary need.

The bi-component knit produces a mechanical wicking effect with exact yarn selection and placement. The interior surface's hydrophilic fibers pull moisture off the skin and towards the exterior surface where hydrophobic fibers quickly disperse that moisture for faster drying times. Continuous evaporation prevents saturation and regulates temperature in both hot and cold conditions.

Understated and remarkably effective, we're confident you'll look for excuses to test its limits and come out dry every time.

FP Reigning Champ Blog 4 Headto Toe

Head-to-toe Efficiency

Polartec​®​ Power Air​®​ half-zip, crewneck, pullover hoodie, and pant

Polartec​®​ Power Air​®​ fleece forever changes expectations for fabric performance over a garment's lifetime. The first fabric ever designed to significantly reduce microfiber shedding, Power Air traps insulating fibers to keep them warming your body instead of polluting waterways.

Power Air is another patented bi-component knit, with one layer featuring trademark 'bubbles' where body heat is trapped. The surrounding knit casing acts as a supporting barrier, preventing loose microfibers from shedding into the environment as you train. The result is the future in fleece — an efficiently warming, highly durable, and easy-layering performance fabric.

Never one to miss out on a sure bet, Reigning Champ has head-to-toe options cut with Polartec Power Air. The Advanced Athletic Wear collection contains three unique top options for light, breathable warmth (half-zip, pullover, and crewneck) and stylish Power Air performance pants. Tag that bet!

FP Reigning Champ Blog 5 The Trial Horse

The Trial Horse

Polartec​®​ Power Stretch​®​ Pro​™​ jacket and pant

Polartec​®​ Power Stretch​®​ Pro​™​ fleece is all about rolling with the punches. It's an abrasion-resistant contouring fabric knit from premium elastic-reinforced yarns to deliver unbelievable 4-way stretch and shape retention. You can take it almost anywhere and do just about anything to it; heck, make it your punching bag, it'll be just fine.

For a training pant and jacket combo as durable as you are, Reigning Champ includes options for each engineered with Power Stretch Pro. Their contouring fits will add light warmth to your runs and early morning sessions. You could even take your training to the trail because you won't have to worry about snags. Power Stretch Pro is stretch fleece with a granite chin.

FP Reigning Champ Blog 6 Fleece Canvas

Greatest of All Fleece

Polartec​®​ Thermal Pro​®​ Shearling Stadium Jacket

Polartec​®​ Thermal Pro​®​ adds a dizzying array of advanced fleece options in every color, weight, and pile. Technical fiber compositions and unique finishing techniques ensure every Thermal Pro construction remains soft, warm, and infinitely versatile.

Reigning Champ took full advantage of our most malleable fleece to bring the beautiful Shearling Stadium Jacket to life. Knit, napped, and sheared to perfection using methods mastered over our century in the performance fabrics business, the fuzzy, high-pile Shearling fleece gives the jacket a timeless look suited for a classic sport.

Final Round

Reigning Champ's Advanced Athletic Wear Collection reflects the best of both our worlds. Like sparring partners sharpening each other's skills, we each bring skills that combine to make each of us stronger. A capsule that’s nothing short of a modern classic that seems built to last. Just like Triston.

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