March 23, 2022
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No need to get caught out with 66 North's packable go-anywhere jacket

66°North’s Vatnajökull is a packable go anywhere jacket. Using Polartec® Power Fill™ it provides warmth in any weather and, because Power Fill is made from synthetic fibres, it won’t lose warmth when it gets wet.

Polartec’s Power Fill technology is made from 100% recycled PCR content. It provides warmth retention in colder conditions without added weight or bulk making it ideal for a variety of activities where body heat can’t ensure proper warmth. The technology works through a unique process that bonds the hollow fibres. This bonding process increases durability and drapability, reducing the need for additional scrims typically required by this kind of insulation, making for an altogether lighter piece.

66°North’s Vatnajökull jacket is the ultimate companion. Its low-profile lofting and minimalist features make it sleek and stylish, ideal for throwing in your pack. Its sturdy constitution makes it the perfect all-conditions insulation piece. It can be worn as an outer layer but has been cut to fit under shells too so makes for the perfect mid-layer.

In summary this is a versatile piece worthy of a place in any discerning adventurer’s rucksack.

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