November 15, 2021

Answer4 x Polartec®

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We have the ANSWER4 wet weather clothing solution!

Tokyo-based outdoor and sporting goods company, ANSWER4, really does have the answer for wet weather running with its new NeoShell® Jacket 02.

Engineered for long-distance runners, ANSWER4’s NeoShell Jacket 02 has prioritised breathability, recognising the discomfort ultra-runners experience when wearing a traditional three-layer jacket. Forget clamminess and moisture build-up inside this jacket. With NeoShell, the world’s most breathable waterproof fabric, runners will be able to work out in comfort. What’s more, the soft handle and high elasticity of the fabric makes the jacket a pleasure to wear.

Historically the outerwear industry has prioritised excessively high waterproof protection over breathability. The result? A jacket that won’t let in the rain but won’t let the sweat out either, resulting in an uncomfortable, wet experience anyway. NeoShell is engineered differently. First, it’s identified the optimal pore size and placement: big enough to release heat and perspiration without high pressure build up but small enough to protect from all outside elements.

Finally, this hooded jacket blocks 99.9% of the wind and, because it’s so soft, it’s quieter than a hard shell. So, what are you waiting for? That 100 miles is just begging you to run it.

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