February 05, 2021

Prepare to be present

By Dillon Osleger

The science and art of all we do outside is holistic. To process an endless flow of data, intuitions and insights derived from observation. The dynamic interactions and rhythms of wind, waves, sun, flora, fauna, geology among the endless factors that drive our little landscapes. All is constantly changing.

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If there's a success in sport I've been searching for all this time, it isn't the act of hooking a fish, going fast down trail, or pulling into remote waves. It's the feeling of being one with those constantly shifting elements. The receipt of a nod from the environment, acknowledging my devotion of enough attention to the minutiae to deserve a taste of their result.


Here's to devoting some more of my time to the process rather than the end. I’ll be walking old ranch roads to remote coasts without checking a swell forecast, pedaling to peaks in search of trails I know little about, and bushwhacking to rivers in search of fish and game. I'll likely end up sitting in the sand looking at a flat ocean, descending fire roads or walking my bike through deadfall, and catching more poison oak than fish. At the end I'll sit by a fire and think of what I learned rather than what I did, and that's quite alright with me.


Essential to the process is having the gear to brave the elements, sit comfortably and quietly, and observe all that takes place around you. Polartec designs and innovates the layers that keep me warm, dry and hidden. The Neoshell Reliance Jacket from Filson utilizes waterproof, breathable and wind resistant fabric to keep me out there longer. In partnering with Polartec, I can trust their support in backing my conservation efforts, athletic pursuits, and scientific storytelling. I couldn't be more excited or proud to work with brands that see beyond traditional success, to the betterment of society and wild places. Keep an eye to the horizon and an ear to the ground.


About Dillon Osleger

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Dillon Osleger is a scientist, multi-sport athlete, and environmental advocate driving stories, activism, and work at the confluence of society's relationship with natural environments. With an M.S in climate and soil science accompanied by years of experience in conservation and trail construction, Dillon works with nonprofits and government agencies on public land projects across North America. As a professional athlete for both his skiing and mountain biking, Dillon bridges the divide between the outdoor action sports community and environmental literacy.

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