January 20, 2021
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Indoor Cycling: How new eco-friendly clothing can help you continue training during lockdown.

Strava's "Year In Sport" report from 2020, showed that indoor workouts saw a 1.5-2x increase last year. This is on top of Strava reporting a surge in indoor riding the previous year as well. This winter Italian cycle brand, Santini, is launching its first ever range of indoor training clothing – the FORZA range - which uses state of the art Polartec technical fabrics to help you get the most from your indoor ride.

More bike lovers are choosing to train indoors using rollers and digital platforms. But with inadequate ventilation, the need for technical clothing engineered to wick, breathe and keep you cool is increasingly important. Using state-of-the art Polartec Delta recycled fabric – designed to cool your body while you sweat – Santini’s FORZA range allows riders to train in comfort.

Engineered to harness the cooling properties of sweat, Polartec Delta is a no-cling, lightweight fabric that is perfect for indoor training. Santini has used a version of Delta that is constructed from 100% recycled polyester yarns. To date, Polartec has recycled more than 1.8 billion PET plastic bottles, saving them from landfill and turning them into premium, technical fabrics.

Santini’s FORZA collection with Polartec comprises jerseys, tech t-shirts and bib shorts for men and women.

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