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Every Ride Ready

Iconic motocross and mountain biking brand Fox Racing recently reimagined their product design philosophy. Instead of the traditional discipline-driven approach, Fox is revolutionizing their industry by centering the universal needs of all riders. The 2020 Fox Mountain Bike collection exemplifies this new ethos with pieces that can be mixed and matched to create integrated kits for any style of riding regardless of ability, gender, age, or discipline.

As the vanguard of the design revolution, we're helping Fox extend the riding season with three fabric platforms engineered to keep riders Warm, Dry, Cool, and Safe. Polartec​®​ NeoShell​®​, Alpha​®​, and Power Grid​™​ are integral to the fall 2020 line, providing just the right comfort and weather protection for a range of riding styles and conditions.

POLR 0614 Fox Featured Partner Blog Flexair Neoshell Jacket


Shelter for Your Shred

Unsurprisingly, the Flexair NeoShell Jacket is the star of the Fox All Weather collection. Designed to work in tandem with other products in Fox’s Made for Your Ride line for maximum weather protection, we're confident this breathable waterproof jacket will be your go-to for years to come.

Polartec​®​ NeoShell​®​ fabric sets the Flexair jacket apart because its hydrophobic, microporous membrane provides real, noticeably breathable performance with full waterproof protection. The membrane’s unique construction achieves best-in-class dynamic and static breathability ratings (allowing 0.5 CFM air permeability) while rated 10,000mm for full waterproof protection. And for enhanced durability, this NeoShell style has a woven polyester face to stand up to the roughest rides. Shred ready in any condition.

POLR 0614 Fox Featured Partner Blog Alpha Fire Jacket


Neverending Gnar

You should feel free to ride well into winter, so Fox went with Polartec​® ​Alpha®​ Direct insulation to bring dynamic thermoregulation to the fall 2020 update of the Flexair Alpha Fire Jacket. Thoughtfully designed so riders never need to add or drop a layer, the search is over for a jacket that adapts as the body naturally heats up from pumping the trail. Plus — new for fall 2020 — the Flexair Jacket now has a natural companion in the Pro Fire Alpha pants. Now you can have Alpha insulation head-to-toe for the ultimate kit for cold-weather rides.

Alpha Direct insulation is Fox's secret ingredient to keep you focused on the flow. Originally developed for the U.S. Special Forces, Alpha insulation goes beyond "puffy" outerwear to realize a whole new solution for high-intensity activity in cold weather. The world's first Active Insulation replaces batting prone to migration with a more stable low-density knit structure, allowing product designers to choose more breathable facing fabrics. More airflow means greater comfort on the go.

Alpha Direct goes a step further with more resilient high-lofted fibers that eliminate the need to package insulation between two layers of fabric. One less fabric layer means increased air permeability and compressibility and an overall decrease in garment weight. Add Flexair's four-way stretch and a DWR-treatment that sheds moisture, dirt, and debris and, well, winter weather's the least of your worries.

POLR 0614 Fox Featured Partner Blog Power Grid Power Grid


Pillars of the Fleece Community

Fox knows it wouldn't be a proper Polartec collab without our high-performing fleece. Enter Polartec​®​ Power Grid​™​, the secret behind the Defend Thermo Hooded Jersey's advanced moisture wicking and breathability. This rough-and-ready, abrasion-resistant jersey's form-fitting hood fits underneath helmets, so it's designed to put-it-on, leave-it-on, and take a tumble or two.

The same fleece used in the military's Extended Cold Weather Clothing System (ECWCS), Power Grid has become a functional tool of alpinists, outdoor professionals, and service members. Its bi-component knit structure is designed to keep your skin dry when you sweat. Raised fabric 'pillars' on the next-to-skin surface create touch points to pick up moisture as you sweat. They also form open air channels to deliver breathability, compressibility, and a greater warmth-to-weight ratio for the lightest ride possible. This airflow keeps moisture moving as you pedal, quickly transferring sweat to the exterior surface of the fabric where it's dispersed for faster dry times.


Every Ride Ready

No one knows the needs of mountain bikers quite like our friends at Fox Racing. Their fresh direction for the fall '20 Made for Your Ride line is a bold move, for sure, but we're no strangers to design revolution. Don't get it twisted — Fox came to the only shop for fabric technologies and design solutions for any ride in any season. Where will the revolution take us next?