November 14, 2019
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An Innovative Collaboration

8Js x Polartec

Celebrating a new generation of driving in style

Vintage Style

Inspired by the enduring style of iconic eras, 8Js brings a modern take to the classic looks of 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s racing culture. The collection’s Racing spirit lies in the driving force of Polartec fabrics. Polartec fabrics utilized in their collection include NeoShell®, Power Shield Pro®, Alpha® and Thermal Pro® styles.

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Aesthetic empowered by engineering

The lines are comfortable and clean, but the materials are advanced and technical. This is the power of Polartec®. With thermal-regulating properties, breathable-waterproof membranes, and amazingly soft-to-the-touch fabrics, Polartec components enhance the performance of 8Js winning style. And raise expectations of what a superior driving experience can be.

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Jochen, James, Jackie, the names of legendary drivers, the sparks that ignite the new 8Js collection whose heart beats to the engine of Polartec® fabric. The design and creativity of 8Js blends with the innovation of Polartec® fabrics. A new luxury lifestyle vision is born, where elegance and performance converge.

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the Driving Force of Polartec®

Lap after lap, drivers push themselves to the limit to perfect their times and performance. Test after test, Polartec® trials new solutions to achieve excellence in terms of performance. Power Shield Pro®, Alpha®, Neoshell® and Thermal Pro® are the technologies pioneering waterproof and breathable fabrics in the 8Js collection to guarantee peak comfort and protection. Beneath every car’s flawless bodywork lies the personality and power of the engine. The warm welcome of Polartec® fabrics.

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The class of legendary drivers, the allure of the world of wheels and speed on the racetrack are the driving principles behind every new 8Js collection. A passion based on tradition, honed on the racetrack and developed into the creativity and design of 8Js clothing: Luxury Menswear Inspired from the Racetrack. Research into the image and style of champions and icons in ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s are the sources of inspiration that embodies class off the track, in real life for the everyday wardrobe.

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Featured Products

20190128 Still Life 8Js 0022 Recuperato2

Jackie Driver Blazer

A 2019 APEX Award winner, the Jackie Driver Blazer is the ultimate, cold-weather driver's blazer made of an equally warm and weather resistant combination of Polartec® Alpha® and Power Shield Pro® fabric. In short, it's the ultimate mountain road companion.

20190128 Still Life 8Js 0042 Modifica2

Jochen Fleece

Designed to fit with the Jackie Driver Blazer, this lightweight jacket employs Polartec® Power Shield Pro® to create a winter jumper made for an active lifestyle.

20190128 Still Life 8Js 00552

James Reversible Jacket

Made of Polartec® NeoShell® and Thermal Pro®, 8Js has created their most technical yet, pushing the boundaries of what an all-around jacket can and must do for the livefast enthusiast.

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